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Scott Metzger (Founder/Principal)
Scott Metzger (Founder/Principal)
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CRS Insurance Brokerage
Office Number (303) 996-7819
Fax Number (303) 996-7851
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Scott is a graduate of Colorado State University. He began his insurance career as a commercial producer with Liberty Mutual in 1982. Awarded the Liberty Mutual Millionaire's Club status in 1984, and received his Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation in 1985. Scott then joined Nationwide Insurance in 1986 as the first commercial agent hired in Nationwide's expansion of commercial insurance into Colorado. He was one of Nationwide's first agents to achieve independent status in 1989, opening the first Nationwide Agent office in Colorado.

Scott is a founding partner of Commercial Risk Solutions in 1993. Scott served as President of CRS form 1994 - 2018. He now serves as CEO

Scott has served on many boards and committees including the board of Professional Insurance Agents of Colorado from 2011 to 2017, and Secretary Treasurer for this organization from 2012 to 2017.