CRS Rebrands to reflect their offerings

by CRS | Feb 1, 2017

All businesses must look inward to be relevant and stay competitive. In the Summer of 2016, CRS began a complete re-brand.

The first step was, of course, our identity and the symbol of that, our logo. “Just like in our industry we encourage reviews and updates of policies and coverage, we needed to review ourselves and our image to both clients and community”, explained Dick Salmon, Vice-President of CRS.

We truly flipped the original color palette going from the safer banker type blues to a fresher bold color of orange with a simple acronym. The action oriented orange color conveys not only an upbeat active vibe but is more recognizable and visible in our exterior ground game.

Our initial re-brand debut was truly grassroots.  Bike Team company t-shirts were printed for a charity bike ride. The final logo use on the ground game will finish this month as the new bright exterior signage will be installed at our corporate office in both our monument and on the exterior 2nd floor corner. To emphasize the CRS brand to office clients, a modern lit sign is displayed proudly in the elevator foyer entrance to the home office.

“In Mid -January we had a  “CRS team” Internal Brand Roll-out. Here we featured all of our new marketing tools and design take offs. This was a great way to kick off a new year with the entire company of business and build alignment with both our brand and business goals”, explained Eric Johnson, CIC and CRS Marketing Liaison for the re-brand.