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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

by CRS | Jan 23, 2018

Allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religion, and other beliefs are monopolizing our headlines lately...

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What the Hail

by Jeff Berven | Nov 10, 2017

Colorado is certainly a beautiful place to reside in and one that I am proud to call home. We are surrounded by natural beauty that is enjoyed with more than 300 days of sunshine...

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Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection

by CRS | Sep 26, 2017

Are you prepared for an OSHA Inspection? The attached will help you understand what will happen at the time of inspection, and provides some tips, but, if you want to be fully prepared, contact CRS and ask about our Mock OSHA Inspection Program. Read Full...

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OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping

by CRS | Aug 16, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires covered employers to report and record occupational injuries and illnesses. OSHA updated these reporting and recordkeeping requirements through a final rule that became effective on Jan. 1...

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Preventing Heat-related Illness

by CRS | Jun 29, 2017

Summer heat can be more than uncomfortable; it can be a threat to your health. Unfortunately, you do not have much of a choice when it comes to job site. Follow these tips to stay safe in the searing heat. Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion occurs when a...

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OSHA Signals Intention to Delay Electronic Reporting

by CRS | Jun 9, 2017

OVERVIEW The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) electronic reporting rule requires certain establishments to report information electronically from their OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301. The rule also requires OSHA to create a website that can be used...

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Cyber Liability Insurance

by CRS | Jun 6, 2017

As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong cyber liability insurance policy will only continue to grow. The continued rise in the amount of information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a...

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CRS Rebrands to reflect their offerings

by CRS | Feb 1, 2017

CRS Rebrands thanks to Brand IronAll businesses must look inward to be relevant and stay competitive. In the Summer of 2016, CRS began a complete re-brand.

The first step was, of course, our identity and the symbol of that, our logo. “Just like in our industry we encourage reviews and updates of policies and coverage, we needed to review ourselves and our image to both clients and community”, explained Dick Salmon, Vice-President of CRS...

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Is Marijuana Use Becoming “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”?

by CRS | Feb 1, 2017

CRS and the Marijuana IndustryHaving a strong, robust, and relevant employee and safety manual is the dream (and sometimes reality) of every business owner. The benefits are endless. Utilizing Human Resource (HR) practices can save a company from costly unemployment claims, costly Worker’s Compensation claims, and even mitigate Employment Practices Liability (sexual harassment, racial discrimination, wrongful termination, etc) situations. A Drug and Alcohol policy is merely one piece of what a business needs to implement, and until recently, it was a pretty simple one to contemplate...

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Insuring “Risk” is a Great Choice, but should it be the Last Resort?

by CRS | Feb 1, 2017

CRS Insurance DenverGetting your company to the point where you have the ability to make choices on insurance is a great thing. You are no longer at the growth stage where you are only focused on “bare bones” statutory insurance needs, but rather you can choose which exposures you really feel you need to insure. Worker’s Compensation is required for every company that has employees, there is very little choice in that, however do you really need to insure every piece of equipment you have? Do you need to carry physical damage on all of your cars? These are all choices that a business owner has...

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